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Steve will perform three songs as a Guest, with his friends the SAS Band at Wickham Festival, Fareham, on August 5th

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Message from Steve

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Looking forward more than I can tell you to playing with the band on Saturday and Sunday. Both outdoors. We haven’t been able to get together, so will run through the salient bits backstage in Duffield. Don’t expect any great surprises, guys. It will be a 90 minutes Festival set. We go into a rehearsal room late July to put together a new show, with plenty of surprises, ready for August 1st at The Stables, Wavendon. What a crazy, boring time we’ve all had during the Bug pandemic. But what a time we will have once we’re back on stage and you’re back in those halls with us. I’m getting quite emotional…! Steve

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Mick Ronson Music Foundation bursaries for 2021 Announced

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Greetings applicants

First, we would like to say we were really impressed with the level of talent coming out of Hull and the surrounding areas. We received a lot of strong applications this year, and this wasn't an easy decision.  You should all be proud of yourselves.

After a difficult deliberation, the Trustees of the Mick Ronson Foundation have agreed to award 4 applicants with this year's award.  Steve Harley has made a video announcing the recipients.

If you have been selected, please send me your bank details so I can make the bank transfer.

Thank you and good luck on your continued musical journey.  Never stop doing what you love.

Lisa Ronson, Steve Harley, and John Bird
The Mick Ronson Foundation

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Due to continued Covid-19 restrictions, the shows August 15, Retro Carfest, Bicester, and August 20 and 21, Isle of Man and Northwich, have been Cancelled. We will look for rescheduling the shows for next year – sorry

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