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Thank you

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Steve Harley

We would like to thank you all deeply for your touching tributes and messages of condolence in the days since Steve’s death - our beautiful Husband and Dad.

Steve would have been honoured, beyond words.

We understand there has been interest among you about a way to channel your love for Steve, by way of a celebration of sorts. For now, please know that we’re aware of this, and will share our thoughts in due course… doing right by Steve and his wishes.

Bless you for caring.

Dorothy, Kerr and Greta x

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Steve Harley has died

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The singer’s daughter Greta said today (SUN):”We are devastated to announce that our wonderful husband and father has passed away peacefully at home, with his family by his side.
“The birdsong from his woodland that he loved so much was singing for him, and his home has been filled with the sounds and laughter of his four grandchildren.
“Stephen, Steve, Dad, Grandar, Steve Harley  - whoever you know him as, his heart exuded only core elements. Passion, kindness, generosity, and much more, in abundance.

"Steve took enormous comfort from all of his fans’ well wishes during his battle, and would want to thank you all deeply for your love and support throughout his career."

"We know he will be desperately missed by people all over the world, and we ask that you respectfully allow us privacy to grieve.”

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Steve Wright

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“The news of Steve Wright’s death has shattered me. We knew each other since the early sixties. Little Steve’s mum, Joan, was my mum Joyce’s good friend in New Cross Gate, London, SE14, in the fifties and sixties. Steve was in my brother Nigel’s class at Edmund Waller Primary School. Joan had a job, and so Steve would walk home after school with Nigel and Joyce and have tea at our flat in Fairlawn Mansions. Many of you have heard about this; it came up several times during chats he and I had on BBC Radio 2.

Steve Wright was the consummate broadcast professional. There wasn’t a star on this earth who refused the chance to share an interview with him on his In The Afternoon show.

Steve managed to be both the guy down-the-street, and a pro working on a higher plane at one and the same time.

He made it all seem so easy.

My loving best wishes and deepest sympathy go to his family.”

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2024 Live Dates

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Due to on-going treatment for cancer, Steve cannot commit to any concerts in 2024. Steve is hoping next year will be altogether different. He appreciates all your kind words and good wishes .

Team SH

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Greetings friends and fans around the world.

I send love and good thoughts to you all, and your families, and wish you a peaceful, wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

2023 has not exactly been an annus horibilis for me, as the first half was often magical, with some great nights on stage with Barry, Oli and David. And the full rock band in Holland and Belgium, and Denmark….out there, on the road, that’s where I come alive.

The second half, well…cancelling Live dates is heartbreaking. I’m aware of the stress and financial strain it can place On you.

But I’m fighting a nasty cancer. My oncologist is pleased with the treatment’s effects so far. It’s tiresome, and tiring. But the fight is on. And thankfully the cursed intruder is not affecting the voice. I sing and play most evenings.

Our house will be filled with the wonderful company of children and grandchildren over the holidays, and I hope yours will be too. How else will you pull a cracker?

Thank you for your support, and for all the touching messages in your cards. It means more than I can tell.



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BBC RADIO LONDON  are going to be including Steve's live session in their Best Of show on 31st December.

Along with an amusing, enlightening interview, Steve sings Live, accompanied by Barry Wickens and David Delarre, the track Stranger Comes To Town.

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News Update

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Steve Harley is disappointed to announce the cancellation, with immediate effect, of the Steve Harley Acoustic Band shows that were scheduled to take place in January 2024; at Benn Hall in Rugby and King’s Hall in Ilkley. Ticket holders should return to their original point of purchase to obtain a refund. Steve's planned appearance as part of the UK West Coast Folk Festival in Blackpool is also cancelled.

Harley is to undertake a medical procedure followed by a period of recuperation. A representative of Steve's management team said, “It has become clear that Steve’s recovery treatment will run into the New Year, and Steve is really sorry to have to add these dates to the cancellation list”.

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Steve Harley is disappointed to announce the cancellation, with immediate effect, of the Cockney Rebel shows that were scheduled to take place in Europe and the UK in November and December 2023. Harley is to undertake a medical procedure followed by a period of recuperation. Ticket holders should return to their original point of purchase to obtain a refund.

Steve Harley said, “It saddens me deeply to have to cancel shows, and I feel really sorry for all ticket-holders. But, let’s be clear, I aim to be back on-the-road, ready for the spotlight, for our January dates. That’s my goal.”

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