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Passes for Fan Chat with Steve Available from Friday

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Hi Folks!

In preparation for our upcoming Fan Chat on Sunday November 27th, we are making passes available as from 10.00AM on Friday Nov 11th.

This will be your chance to join a conversation with Steve and his closest fans, and an opportunity to ask a question and interact with Steve. We will also be doing a piece on memorabilia and memories of Steve.

As previously, passes will be available on a First-Come-First-Served basis. To request a personalised pass please send an email, on Friday, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the title PASS PLEASE.


Team SH

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Fan Chat

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We are really pleased to share that Steve has agreed to host another "Fan Chat" where he will talk about this year and look forward to next year. And most importantly, Steve will answer our questions and chat with us personally!

A lot has happened, so there's plenty to catch up on, but how many performers would be willing to do this I wonder?

Keep your eyes open for more details and details on how to ensure you are there, in person, Zooming with Steve on November 27th


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Queen Elizabeth II

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I thought our Queen would live forever. Why is that? I mean, even non-Monarchists liked Elizabeth II. I haven’t quite grasped the reality yet – three days on from that terrible, sad moment. But a good man has been learning his trade and rehearsing for this time since he was a schoolboy. He knows the job well. And he is many-times more trustworthy than any self-serving Politician. He had a good teacher. The Monarchy is in safe hands with King Charles III.

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