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Apex - Wednesday 23rd July 2019

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Steve will join Jim Cregan & Co at The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, tomorrow (WEDNESDAY) night for couple of songs. Tickets still available

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Three fish on one hook.

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Andy, my Guitar Tech, with Sven, our host, on our trip to see the Midnight Sun - Three fish on one hook. One of the cod had the pollock down his throat!


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A thank you!

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Hi Helen and Rachel
You may remember that you kindly arranged for Steve to sign one of our fundraiser guitars and my drawing of him a few weeks ago. I wanted to let you know that they helped add £6,360 towards a grand total of £52,607 raised at our mini-festival Catfest for our chosen charity Action Against Cancer. I am so grateful to you for your help. It was a real pleasure meeting Steve - please pass my appreciation on to him.
It is only through the kindness of people like you that we can achieve the totals that we do.
Very best wishes and thanks again.

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