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JustGiving Donations

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From Chat Room Master Graham Edmondson: “We are so proud to say that after our Fan Chat on Sunday we have raised over £3600 for the RNLI so far, thanks to the amazing generosity of Steve Harley fans.

Not only did we enjoy a fantastic night with Steve, but we achieved so much for a hugely worthwhile cause.

Thanks Steve!

And a huge THANK YOU from me to all who have been so generous.



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Just in case anybody doesn't yet have their pass, we have created a few more spaces in the Zoom Room, but be quick! Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be sure of your access

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Steve Harley with his DB9 October 2018

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My Aston Martin DB9

It’s on sale at the NOYA Motor Group showroom, Peterborough.

I’m past the muscle car stage!

Just giving a heads up! SH

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