Steve Harley

& Cockney Rebel


Greetings friends and fans around the world.

I send love and good thoughts to you all, and your families, and wish you a peaceful, wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

2023 has not exactly been an annus horibilis for me, as the first half was often magical, with some great nights on stage with Barry, Oli and David. And the full rock band in Holland and Belgium, and Denmark….out there, on the road, that’s where I come alive.

The second half, well…cancelling Live dates is heartbreaking. I’m aware of the stress and financial strain it can place On you.

But I’m fighting a nasty cancer. My oncologist is pleased with the treatment’s effects so far. It’s tiresome, and tiring. But the fight is on. And thankfully the cursed intruder is not affecting the voice. I sing and play most evenings.

Our house will be filled with the wonderful company of children and grandchildren over the holidays, and I hope yours will be too. How else will you pull a cracker?

Thank you for your support, and for all the touching messages in your cards. It means more than I can tell.



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