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TOPIC: S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s

S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7549

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Hi, can anyone please tell me if and when Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel toured the UK in the late 80s/early 90s? If yes, can you give me any precise dates & venues in London ( especially Hammersmith Apollo/Odeon) from this period? Was there a UK tour to promote Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel Greatest Hits (Released May 1987)?
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Re:S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7550

  • GrahamEd
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Steve played the following dates in 1989/90:

March 12 Norwich UEA
March 13 Coventry University Of Warwick Arts Centre
March 14 Leicester University
March 15 London Dominion Theatre
March 16 Bristol Bierkeller
March 17 Manchester International II
March 18 Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
March 20 Worthing Assembly Hall
June 1 Hanley Victoria Hall
June 2 Derby Assembly Rooms
June 4 Southend Cliffs Pavilion
June 5 Cardiff St David’s Hall
June 6 Exeter Plaza
June 8 Sheffield City Hall
June 9 Sunderland Empire
June 10 Kendal Leisure Centre
June 11 Glasgow Pavilion
June 12 Birmingham Hippodrome
June 14 Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall
June 15 Swindon Wyvern Theatre
June 16 Reading Hexagon Theatre
June 17 Brighton Dome
June 18 Guildford Civic Hall
June 19 Portsmouth Guildhall
June 21 Gloucester Leisure Centre
June 24 Chatham Central Hall
June 25 Preston Guildhall
June 26 Hemel Hempstead Decorum Pavilion
June 27 Croydon Fairfield Halls
June 28 Northampton Derngate Theatre
December 19 Manchester International 2
December 20 Cambridge Corn Exchange
December 21 Birmingham Town Hall
December 22 Hammersmith Odeon
April 24 Ship And Star Sudbury
April 29 Ship And Star Sudbury

The Hammersmith date was Dec 22nd- what night that was too, as I recall.

According to my records, he hadn't played London since he was at Camden palace Dec 14 1984.

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Re:S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7552

  • stewart g
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Nice list Graham.
Couple more to add (only know cos I was there!!)
Wed 22 Feb 1989 Albany Empire Deptford
Mon 18 December 1989 leeds Irish Centre

Re Ship And Star..
In April 1990.Think they played there for 4 Sundays on the trot as Raffles United? Think these shows were used to test out musicians pending a new line up which started a new Uk tour on 5 June 1990 at The Doncaster Dome?
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Re:S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7553

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Tickets for Albany Empire and Leeds Irish Centre were £5.00 :)
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Re:S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7554

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GedKen wrote:
Looking back over a couple of years it is striking how many gigs Steve clocks up each year.

Times have changed of course, but he must be gigging more now than in the heady mid-seventies.

Um, has anyone kept/got a list/logbook of all his gigs to date?..... from the early days onwards.

GrahamEd - masterful first post!

Does anyone think we could build up a complete list of gigs on this website?

By the way - FYI, I came across a little website called crazyravers that has some nice surprises - not least of which is an interview Steve gave to a US journalist (for Trouser Press) in which he puts the NME in their place; plus a great early article in the said NME (which is mentioned in the Trouser Press interview).
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Re:S Harley & Cockney Rebel Concert London 80s/90s 7 years 7 months ago #7555

  • GrahamEd
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Thanks GedKen , gotta be honest, it's the new moniker that suggest its a first post- but I haven't been here in a while not since the Battle of Butlins in fact :lol:

But I think it would be a great idea to see if we can't compile a comprehensive list. In fact, I will take no credit here, but Ray Smith did a huge amount of work to build a list, I reviewed and edited it (even got Milton Reames-James to look at some of the very early stuff to validate) . I am posting the list below (if it will fit!) and it takes us up to Butlins (its easy to add latter dates). But what I suggest is perhaps having either Andy Fearon (or maybe Peter on his site?) set it up so that folks can add dates, correct or perhaps even add comments (anything they specifically recall etc, set lists etc?). In fact, it could be a major project...Leave it with me, I will contact Andy and Pete and see what is best to get us all involved in building the ultimate record of Steve and Cockney Rebel live in the UK (and maybe some Europeans can add other dates?).

Here is the first part of the list that Ray drafted and I worked on..(credit Ray). This takes us up to the Camden Palace show in 1984- the rest to follow (if you all are interested?)

Some of the formatting is screwed up on here so cut and paste didn't work too well- I will get it set up so we can ad, edit and supplement. Will that work?

July 23 Roundhouse ,London-Supporting Jeff Beck
November 17 The Greyhound, Fulham
December 16 Kings Cross Cinema, London
December 23 Kings Cross Cinema, London

March 16 Marquee Club In London
March 31 Ewell College
Between April
and June 1973 5 Gigs At The Speakeasy Club, London.
October 6 Reading College (First appearance of the familiar clothing as seen on the cover of the human menagerie album. These outfits were eventually discarded somewhere around march 1974 when the band chose to wear more casual attire.
October 13 Ipswich. St Matthews Hall
October 27 Leicester University
November 2 Leicester University
November 3 Sheffield University
November 9/10 Hull
November 13 Hanley Heavy Steam
November 17 Southampton University
November 24 Cardiff University
November 25 Chalk Farm Roundhouse London
(same Bill As Nektar And Elephants Memory)
November 30 Manchester
December 1 Halifax Clarences
December 2 Manchester Didsbury College
December 8 Leicester University
December 12 Maidstone Art College
December 19 Stafford Tech.College
December 24 Maidstone Tech.College
December 29 Dagenham Roundhouse

January 5 Aylesbury Friars
January 6 Croydon Greyhound
January 10 Plymouth Guildhall
January 11 Southampton College
January 12 Bristol University
January 16 Manchester University
January 18 Glasgow University
January 19 Bradford University
January 24 Stafford Top Of The World
January 26 Nottingham University
January 29 Kensington Bibas
January 30 Keele University
February 2 Cambridge Corn Exchange
February Southend Queens Hall OR Westcliffe On Sea Queens Hotel
February 5 Coventry Lanchester Poly (Supporting Suzi Quattro)
February 7 Newport Kensington Court
February 8 Exeter College
February 9 Cambridge Corn Exchange
February 28 Dunstable Civic Halls
March 1 Salford University
March 7 Oxford Poly
March 8 Hereford Flamingo
March 15 Dagenham Roundhouse.
March 18 Bristol Boobs
March 19 Plymouth Guildhall
March 20 Swindon Brunel Rooms
March 21 Liverpool University
March 22 Scarborough Penthouse
March 24 Croydon Greyhound
March 27 Sheffield Polytechnic
March 30 Lowestoft Pier
March 31 Colchester Woods Leisure Centre
April 7 Southend Queens Hall
April 9 Birmingham Barbarella’s
April 11 Sunderland Locarno Ballroom
April 13 Cambridge Corn Exchange
May 18 Biggin Hill
May 25 Aylesbury Friars(Rebooked After Riot)
May 26 Dagenham Roundhouse
May 27 Plymouth Guildhall
May 28 Penzance The Garden
May 31 St. Albans City Hall
June 1 Cromer Links Pavilion
June 6 Aylesbury Friars
June 7 Leeds Town Hall
June 8 Llanelli Glen Ballroom
June 9 Twickenham Winning Post
June 12 Scarborough Penthouse
June 13 Cleethorpes Winter Gardens
June 14 Newcastle Mayfair
June 15 York University
June 16 Chelmsford Chancellor Hall
June 17 Barnsley Civic
June 18 Derby Tiffany’s
June 20 Dunstable Civic Hall
June 21 Manchester Stoneground
June 22 Liverpool Stadium
June 23 London Victoria Palace
June 24 Dagenham Roundhouse
June 25 Bristol Locarno
June27 Plymouth Guildhall
June 28 Penzance Winter Gardens
June 29 Swansea Brangwyn Hall (band "sacked")
June 30 Colchester Woods Centre
July 2 Coventry Locarno
July 3 Torquay Town Hall
July 4 Barnstaple Queens (Or Civic Hall)
July 5 Malvern Festival Theatre
July 6 Bracknell Sports Centre
July 7 Croydon Greyhound
July 8 Southampton Top Rank
July 9 Birmingham Barbarellas
July 11 Stafford Top Of The World
July 12 Cambridge Corn Exchange
July 13 Southend Kursaal
July 14 Norwich
July 15 Hull Tiffanys
July 16 Bristol Locarno
July 17 Cardiff Top Rank
July 18 Dublin Stadium
July 21 Isle Of Man Lido
July 22 Manchester Hard Rock-End of Rebel Mk 1
August 24 Aylesbury Friars
August 25 Reading Festival
October 17 Southampton University
October 18 London Rainbow
October 19 Lancaster University

March 13 Plymouth Guildhall
March 14 Taunton Odeon
March 16 Bournemouth Winter Gardens
March 17 Brighton Dome
March 21 Cardiff Capitol
March 22 Exeter University (Cancelled)
March 23 Bristol Colston Hall
March 24 Leicester De Montfort Hall
March 25 Liverpool Stadium
March 26 Dunstable California Ballroom
March 30 Manchester Palace Theatre
March 31 Birmingham Town Hall
April 1 Hanley Heavy Steam Machine
April 2 Leeds Town Hall
April 3 Sheffield City Hall
April 4 Preston Guild Hall
April 5 Glasgow Apollo
April 7 Edinburgh Usher Hall Citadel Theatre
April 8 Newcastle City Hall
April 9 Norwich Theatre Royal
April 10 Southend Kursaal
April 12 London Hammersmith Odeon
April 13 London Hammersmith Odeon
April 14 London Hammersmith Odeon
June 7 Crystal Palace Garden Party

February 9 Apollo Theatre Glasgow
February 10 Apollo Theatre Glasgow
February 12 City Hall Newcastle
February 13 City Hall Newcastle
February 15 Empire Theatre Liverpool
February 16 Free Trade Hall Manchester
February 18 Odeon Theatre Birmingham
February 19 Odeon Theatre Birmingham
February 21 Colston Hall Bristol
February 22 Colston Hall Bristol
February 24 Sheffield City Hall
February 26 Leeds University
February 27 Leeds University
April 7 Aylesbury Friars
April 9 Plymouth ABC
April 12 London Wembley Empire Pool
April 19 Aberdeen Capital
April 20 Edinburgh Usher Hall
April 22 Wolverhampton Civic Hall
April 23 Preston Guildhall
April 25 Cardiff Capitol Theatre
April 26 Leeds Grant Theatre
April 27 Leeds Grant Theatre
December 2 Liverpool Empire
December 3 Manchester Palace
December 4 Cardiff Capitol
December 6 London Hammersmith Odeon
December 8 Birmingham Odeon
December 10 Glasgow Apollo
December 11 Edinburgh Playhouse
December 12 Newcastle City Hall


October 20 Hammersmith Odeon London

December 12 Grimsby Central Hall
December 18 Nottingham Rock City
December 19 West Runton Pavilion
December 20 Aylesbury Friars
December 21 London Lyceum

August 18 London Venue
December 4 Manchester University
December 5 Sheffield University
December 6 Redcar Coatham Bowl
December 7 Edinburgh Playhouse
December 8 Aberdeen Venue
December 10 Nottingham Rock City
December 11 Hatfield Polytechnic
December 12 Aylesbury Friars
December 14 London Venue
December 15 London Venue

June 10 London Venue
August 27 “The Last” Reading Rock Festival

December 14 Camden Palace Recorded live for DVD


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