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TOPIC: Symphony Hall

Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6825

  • PeterJH
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Offshorearm, amazing pictures from an amazing night! The lighting and colours where fantastic, and oh how I wish I could have taken more!

I was told to stop taking photos, after taking 5-6, but what a great performance from Mr Harley.

You live for moments like these, and to have a dream realised is beyond measure.

The concert was astounding, as were the fans who had gathered from all corners of the globe, to witness the event.

Black Or White, what an unexpected treasure.

Meeting you all, some whom I have known for a long long time, some for the first time, was almost as special as the gig itself.

Thank you Mr Harley for giving us what we wanted, and I know you have a lot more to offer us for the future. 10/10
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6826

  • Shuggie
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Just arrived back home to Glasgow, Maw Paw and the 2 kids, it was everything I expected, but so much more.An astonishing show,the man gave his all,left drained but still we wanted more!
I have seen SH everywhere, this will be unbeatable (unless he does it again in Glasgow:)) and, if I had written a bucket list, this would heve been near the top.
Oran Mor gigs next, will be oh so different,but as always, oh so worth it

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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6828

  • Graeme
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"As poetry is the harmony of words, so music is that of notes. And as poetry is a rise above prose and oratory, so is music the exaltation of poetry." (Henry Purcell)

That, for me, was last night's triumphant Birmingham Symphony Hall gig in a nutshell. A night that saw Mr H, band, guests (Steve Norman,you were an enthusiastic joy to behold), orchestra and choir in total and joyful harmony.
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6829

  • Jojo
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What an extraordinary evening, a marriage of musicianship and showmanship as a result of an ambitious idea that you all pulled off superbly. The look on Steve Norman's face when the 'Oh, dear, look what they've done..' chorus started was a joy. As for where we all were in the Eighties (in my case on the East London Advertiser and the Express!), it was a strange decade musically, and we avoided the mainstream charts and headed for the clubs for more esoteric sounds, still hugging Hideaway, Bed in the Corner, Back to the Farm and others to ourselves at home. In some ways that was an unsophisticated era musically, a kind of learning no-man's land after the rich offerings of the Seventies, and since then a lot of catching up has been done. So, we can pick and mix what we like and not pigeonhole ourselves – we're all much more open to liking a variety of different music. I love Cockney Rebel, Capital and Kiss for dance stuff, Sounds of the Seventies, Mahalia Jackson, Ella, The Waterboys, Two Door Cinema Club, Kodaline, jazz-funk, Duran's 'The Chauffeur'... There should be some sort of quote or rule: Stick to being a brilliant songwriter and musician, keep at it, and you can't lose. Few other bands have such a following, or could offer such a sophisticated and original musical experience. The most memorable gig I have ever been to.
PS: Where to go in Brum after gig to hear more Rebel music? Nowhere, of course. I'd taken my younger sister (more into heavy metal, but kindly saved me from sitting on my own). Her verdict: 'Brilliant; exhilarating.' We wanted more, but ended up clubbing (reggae, soul, ska),but it would have been good to have lingered in the moment...
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6830

  • bigbadbob
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great show but in my /our opinion not his best!
the interval wasnt announced ,everyone just disappeared ,obviously i knew it was the end of the first album but then something needed to be said "thank you see you in ...etc etc
second half what the hell suddenly a very vocal sh where he streched the stories in an effort to fill time..
no problem but the constant reference to the person who brought the ticket in the last row was cheap and unforgivable ,at least they had made the effort... :S
so we put in a stranger comes to town at the expence of an overrun and miss come up at see me.. unforgiveable...
if i'm mistaking then why did it take so long for everyone to clear the stage...
i have waited 24 hours before i wrote this ...
steve your a knobby but i'll still see you all in buxton and at the stables
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6831

  • therebel
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ffs unbelievable i am going to take 24hours to reply to that last post so i dont spoil the memery of a fantastic night i hope everyone else had as much fun as i did
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