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TOPIC: Symphony Hall

Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6846

  • tinakayt
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What a fantastic evening.I am so glad i went. Steve sounds just as good now as back in the 70's the whole night was just brilliant. Also it was lovely to meet some of the fan's and a big thanks to Debs and all the others who made me feel welcome.
Please Steve can we have another show like that soon.
what a memorable evening.
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6847

  • dave e
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Fantastic night! To hear these iconic songs from your childhood was awesome. Death Trip, Ritz and, of course, Sebastian were magnificent and to see Singular Band and Black Or White performed took my breath away.
I cannot believe the comments from bigbadbob. Was he the tosser who sat next to me after coming in late and with his partner then clapped in inappropriate places, chatted with his partner, kept checking his phone messages, played air violin(!) and then stood up and danced ignoring the people protesting behind him. His partner even said 'When is he going to sing Make Me Dance'!!! After the comments on here before the show pleading with people to behave and respect the occasion trust me to be sat next to the only ones who didn't!!
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6848

  • Liddyminto
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  • Rediscovered Steve Harley after IndigO2 Dec 2011.
What a night. What memories. Steve Norman's joy at being there was infectious! Loved Steve Harley's chats between numbers... and the music... can't even find the words.... I was 18 again. My husband came to keep me company but on the way home, played the Cavaliers CD! Result! Lovely to meet some forum folk for the first time. Nice chats with Julie. Big thanks to Jimbo for getting us together and being so welcoming, not to mention the special gift.

Phantom... you don't exist ;)

Steve, Stranger had me in tears... sung with passion and from the heart. You made us Happay! :laugh:

Still on a high..... :silly:
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6850

  • GedKen
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BBB paid her/his money and is entitled to an opinion on what she/he saw - that's live entertainment folks.

I thought it would be a straight up and down run through of each album with a break - so I was surprised to hear Judy Teen surface early during HM time. Then it got looser again during Psychomodo. I guess that's part of the nature of the man himself, chuck in a curve-ball or two!

After all the work and worry that must have gone into putting on such a large, complicated event, Harley is entitled to have some fun himself on the night!

I was worried beforehand about audience 'input' spoiling a pristine track by track run-through. What was I thinking of? It was never going to be that strait-laced on reflection.

I thought breaking it up a bit (with 'bonus' tracks) was a great idea. I thought the audience involvement was great fun, really added to the evening.

Performance of many of the tracks were immense; there was a tear in the eye more than once during HM. However the harmonica player during 'Cavaliers' was a stand-out moment for me.

It was over all too soon. If the deal was simply the two albums - which were performed - then anything else was a wonderful bonus I'd say. We were having a party. 'Black or White', 'Judy Teen' - if they are curve balls - please keep chucking them!

As for the lone pilgrim at the back - he may well eat out on that story for the rest of his life! He probably walked out of there feeling ten foot tall (and a fiver richer if he did claim it from Harley). I'm sure nearly all of us walked out of there a lot richer than when we went in.

It would be great to do it again sometime soon. London, Manchester, Glasgow, wherever, we'll be there.
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6851

  • joanna
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Rather out of order...... I feel!!

You are on the wrong page
Ill leave it there.
Smile x
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Re:Symphony Hall 7 years 9 months ago #6852

  • cockneyr3bel
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were some people at the same concert that we were .all are entitled to there opinions,but backstabbing comes to mind ,and some of the comments are spoiling what was an awsome evening!!!!
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