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Hello 8 years 5 months ago #7671

  • Arthurnarth
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I would like to introduce myself as I am new to the forum.
I have been a fan of Steve's music since one of my classmates bought an LP into school of a new group.Cockney Rebel was the name.The Human Menagerie.Mmmmm,funny name.I looked at the front cover and looked again.Strange outfits.At 14 years of age I had my first look at the singer destined to be my " musical hero"for the next forty years.
I listened to The Human Menagerie at my mates house that very evening.I was hooked.
A couple of years later,I had my first serious(ish) girlfriend.The best looking girl in school asked her mate Ruth to ask me out on her behalf.I was flattered,but I knew that she was a fan of that David Cassidy chap,and quite fancied "that bloke who looks like a girl"the singer of TRex.Her words not mine.Now Bolan I didn't mind,but The Partridge Family,no thanks.Ruth had heard the song about to become Number 1,and was a new fan.That did it.Ruth was my first girlfriend,nights spent listening to Steve's(and CR)first three albums.Bliss.Until I grasped that what Ruth meant and did was not necessarily What Ruthy Said.Parting of the ways.
I have now been happily married for nearly 35 years to a non Harley fan.
"He's weird" says the George Michael idol.
I see Steve live whenever he gets local to me if I can,and I can say truthfully that I have yet to see a bad show.I know that I never will.
I have always looked at this brilliant website,but this is my first post apart from a comment on the Diary page.
I asked a question on there,namely can anyone tell me the name of the slow piece of music played during the interval at Steve's concerts(not the slow Here Comes The Sun piece)I would be extremely grateful if anyone knew this.Thankyou.
Sorry for the lengthy post!!!
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Re:Hello 8 years 5 months ago #7673

  • Mozzatoni
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Well, I'm just like you! Been a fan since The Human Menagerie and was surrounded by many Ruthys and her male counterpart who thought my music was 'weird'! I did lose contact with his music for a good while but we are now reunited and I just joined this page as well.
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Re: Hello 8 years 5 months ago #7676

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Hi Arthurnarth,

welcome. Steve's PA Rachel might be able to answer the music question for you. Enjoyed your coming of age story.

I came to Steve's music through Judy Teen (the start of that track alone still hooks me straightaway) and then the Psychomodo album.

Endlessly played in the common room at our (rundown) boarding school; classmates mocked it at the time, but it was only one of maybe three albums available to play.

Of course imagine my utter delight when I later discovered the existence of the Human Menagerie!!! (not released to the common room unless I put it on and stood over the record player throughout).

By way of a postscript, we had a reunion about ten years after leaving school (amazingly it was still standing and considered to be a place of education).

Sitting in a former tormentor/classmate's car I discovered a Harley tape in the glove compartment! Checking with the others, nearly everybody had at least one Harley album with them, and most of them had played Psychomodo on the drive down memory lane to the reunion! (Eric Hall would have been proud of me). :)
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