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PAUL HORTON original painting, "Onward & Upward"

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PAUL HORTON original painting, "Onward & Upward", for Steve's MAG trek through Death Valley is completed and framed and the painting measures a substantial 42 x 38 inches. Auction-bidding details to follow. Steve starts the bidding at £3,500

Paul Horton's Onward and Upward
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The Cockney Rebel - A Steve Harley Anthology

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AnthologyA collection from Steve's canon of work over 33 years, from "The Human Menagerie" to "The Quality Of Mercy", all albums are represented in this 3-CD ANTHOLOGY.

Sleeve notes by Geoff Barton of Classic Rock magazine, long-term fan and supporter of the Harley cause.

EMI release "The Cockney Rebel - A Steve Harley Anthology" Available now.

Click here to order your copy!!!

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Steve Voices Buddy Story For R2

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Part 2 will be broadcast at the same time the following week. Buddy would have been 70-years-old.

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The Mines Advisory Group has once again invited Steve to lead a trek to raise landmine awareness, this time to the hottest place on earth - Death Valley.

Steve was in the vanguard of a 350-mile trek around Cambodia for MAG in 2003, and responded to their latest invitation with the words, "How can I say no? It's a fantastic opportunity to see one of the most desolate and inaccessible places on God's earth, and another chance to raise the problem of landmines, still a major issue in many far-east lands, and African nations, in the UK media. Being a gambling man, I have a highly-developed sense of adventure, so I can't help myself when a chance like this comes up. Life's for living. I live this way: the answer is yes, what's the question? All things being equal, I'm in!"

The trek will be looking for volunteers to take part, departing the UK in early March 2007, and cycling 250 miles through the Las Vegas/California landscape, in temperatures of up to 120f.

Each volunteer will need to raise in the region of £2, 650 in sponsorship. For the complete package and official information, please visit the MAG website And see what you'll be missing.....

Visitors to this, official Steve Harley website will, as before, be given the opportunity to sponsor Steve. More to follow.

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