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Diary 10/04/18

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I was a little on tenterhooks for several days as the countdown began for Yarm and Holmfirth. The welcome those sold-out, packed crowds gave me was pretty moving. I needn’t have worried. But it really is best for any performer to feel an edge. Complacency is the enemy. The high-backed stool with its footrest proved perfect. Came from the John Lewis store. It lives normally in a Guest bedroom in our house. We’ve ordered another, just so I’m set up comfortably until the wound heals completely.

The leg is only showing discomfort around the actual incision. It’s still, after eight weeks, numb and tender. I’m getting about on only one crutch and can manage the house crutch-free mostly. Worthing and Hull Minster soon…and interestingly, the stool might be the perfect look for the Acoustic Trio shows. Let’s face it, drummers and keyboard players spend their entire careers playing on their bums.

Again, I thank all of you who sent cards, emails, Forum and Facebook comments wishing me well. It all helped, I promise. I’m hoping to be properly mobile (as much as I’ve ever been, at least!) by Glasgow, May 19th. But if not…does anybody care? Have stool, will play…like a caged animal.

Sad and perplexing, to think we won’t be hearing from Ray Smith again. I wrote to Gareth, his son. All Cockney Rebel fans and friends will be sending their good thoughts to the family. Ray: some character. Bye, bye, farewell, and thanks for all the support, dear Valley boy.

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