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DIARY 28/10/15

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Now Greta Joy is married. My little girl, aged 30, has tied it with Nelson George. It was a faultlessly brilliant day and evening. We were extremely proud of Greta. She is clever and modest; witty and compassionate; charming and loveable…….

I know, that’s a dad talking. But she is.

Nelson has got a result. But Greta, too, is the lucky one: Nelson is kind and sympatico (same thing?); quick to toil and easy-going. We all like Nelson and they are a good couple.

The arrangements for the big “Do” were considerable, as many readers of this will know and have experienced. I agreed to this, that and more, and paid the bills. But I saw the stress, the dedication to duty needed by the few, the closest, and it was impressive. Luckily for us all, Greta is an Office Manager, and much of the organisation fell into her remit and she delivered with a calm panache I will always remember with daddy-type admiration.

All that was going on while I prepared for the UK Tour soon to start.

Duncan arrived safely from South Africa ready to play off-book; Jim is our Philosopher; Stuart continues to send stupid, hilarious emails as though nothing could ever stress him out; Barry is virtuoso personified, but with humour thrown in; the Twins are in the zone and chomping (as am I) and Marty is a Life-boatman, truly, stoical and prepared. We’re humming with anticipation and glowing with pride.

The Fans’ Poll, I’ve mentioned before, threw up surprises in that many of the most-requested tracks come from the “romantic” genre: Riding The Waves, Nothing Is Sacred, All Men Are Hungry, All In A Life’s Work (see Paul Horton’s wonderful painting on that title), Sebastian et al

Old friends in a sepia frame. Young hearts, too. It might make an old man or three very happy.

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