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DIARY 27/07/15

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The recent festivals have gone well, Brentwood being like playing "at home". We live 40 minutes from there. Holt was special. Beautiful setting: an amphitheatre in the woods around Gresham's School. A thousand souls (sold out many weeks in advance) prepared for all elements that might get thrown at them. It had poured the day and evening before, so the track downhill to the  backstage area was slippy, but the weather stayed fine for us; clear, blue skies and a cool, dry evening for the show. I saw many anoraks with hoods. Not needed after all! Mona and Lisa Wagner were with us, on stage with us for the first time. What a debut…

They looked fabulous with their mad hair and big smiles and sang and played like hard-nosed professionals. Lisa took a surprise guitar solo (I pointed to her and encouraged her without rehearsal) during a dynamic hush in Riding The Waves, and she delivered a musical and dynamic piece for at least 32 bars. I was proud of her, and I bet her mum and dad were, too, as they watched from the arena.

I like young people and I love to see them break through, experience something new and special. The girls will be a bonus around us old blokes in November! Saw some familiar faces in the crowd which was gratifying. Glynis, down the front, Deborah somewhere out of sight, I'm told…I hear you both tweeted to The Yow Yows, our support band. They were really good players and sounded terrific. They came backstage for photos; nice people. Young people. I like young people. Did you tweet to my Twitter? Hope so, as Greta tells me it's being read by a lot of people these days. She says I should tweet more often, but I'm slow to grasp the point of it all. Getting there slowly, I guess.

Going back to Kenney Jones's polo field for another fund-raiser for Prostate Cancer UK in September (the 5th, I believe) and the bill is a bit special. Once confirmed, we'll upload details on this site. I have been asked to play four songs, with Jim and Barry, plus the big rock band of session players.

Here's Emma, the kind lady who, with her husband, bought the Auction lot I sold from the stage at the first one, on June 13th. The bid raised £7,000 which Emma paid on the spot. Kind people.

Steve and Emma

Had a most convivial lunch my good friend from Down Under, singer/songwriter/guitarist, Joe Matera recently, while he paid a brief visit to London.

Steve and Joe at Smiths of Smithfield, London

Hear the title track from Joe's new album, click here

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