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DIARY 11/11/14

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My Godson, Archie, is 18 years old today, Armistice Day. Archie will probably read History at University, and his main interest is Military History. I have found him a gift relevant to that. Dinner at The Shard, where we will look down on to the moat of ceramic poppies and no doubt marvel at such a sight. Art is stupendous when installations such as that are given free rein. No un-made bed, or random scattering of bricks, this one! We will be finishing our celebratory evening at around midnight, or so I’ve been warned by Archie’s dad.

Perhaps we will witness, from the 33rd floor, the first of the volunteers to pick a poppy to commemorate the death of the first British soldier of the conflict.

This is a brief diary, and a more detailed reflection of recent times will be uploaded soon.

It’s been a busy time lately …

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