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A Road-Trip Following Steve in Holland/Belgium

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What a week we had; it was a week to remember

It all started in September when we learnt that Steve was coming to Holland to celebrate his 50th anniversary.

We grew up with Steve’s music because of our dad, he has been a fan since 1973. He took us to our first Steve concert when we were 15 and 20 years old in De Kade in Zaandam in 2005. Since then we have attended a show every time he has been in Holland.

As soon as we learnt Steve was playing 7 venues in the Netherlands we immediately bought tickets for Groningen, Leiden, Haarlem, Bergen op Zoom, Utrecht and Zwolle and decided to make a roadtrip out of it. Of course our dad wanted to join us for three of the concerts.

We got so excited because we just went to see him and the acoustic band 3 times in April/May 2022 and that had been amazing.
When it was finally april the 19th we made sure we were early at het venue, we got to stand up front, which was perfect. The best place to feel the energy, see the interaction between all the musicians and between Steve and the audience. The first show was everything we hoped for and more. Steve never seems to disappoint. We decided to try to stand at Steve’s feet every time. When we were in Bergen op Zoom, Steve noticed we were there for the fourth time and called us out for it.

Not sure if he was happy about us being there every time, we went to Utrecht. Lucky for us he did appreciate us being there, so much that we got to meet him. Which was amazing. We were totally overwhelmed and starstruck. Steve asked us what we thought should be the only 20 minutes in his show, if it only lasted for that time. A question we couldn’t answer during our meeting. So we thought about it and wrote it down for him. We had to make the conclusion that it is impossible to single out just the 20 minutes.

The start with “how good it feels” where he makes the audiance feel like he is really happy to see them all, has got them hooked from the beginning. The great background stories give us an insight into his personal life, this makes songs like “mirror freak” and “only you” even more special. The gypsy jazz version of “Mr Soft” is an absolute great addition. The musical bits are almost like listening to an orchestra. It is mesmerizing. We loved every single minute of the performances and were so sad when “our” roadtrip came to an end, and we had to burst our Steve bubble (yes, we are that crazy, haha). We couldn’t end it more perfectly though. We met Steve in Utrecht and got to meet the other musicians in Zwolle.

We can’t wait to go and see Steve again and we are so gratefull for a perfect week, because oh oh, we were definitely having a party!

Best wishes

Dieuwke en Femke

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