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DIARY 04/02/16

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How do I put this without feeling my age, or even older than my age? Straight to the point then: I am a Grandfather. On  February 3rd, 2016, daughter-in-law, Lieze,  and my son, Kerr, were gifted a healthy and, dare I say, beautiful (aren’t they all?)

son, coming  in at the fair old weight of 8lbs, all but half an ounce. We’ve seen the as-yet-unnamed  bairn and spent time with him today, and I am high on pride. Why is that? I can’t answer. But I do know his parents are thrilled to the bone. And, rightly, so. What an adventure childbirth is! It was a very special night for me: after hearing the news in our London hotel , we moved on to Hammersmith Apollo, where Billy Connolly gave a masterclass in story-telling, bringing tears to my eyes and laughter I haven’t experienced for a very long time. I wish you long life, Billy. The world needs you still. And welcome to the world, the latest in the male Nice Dynasty, Kerr and Lieze’s precious one. Name to follow…..

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