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DIARY 29/11/12

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Symphony Hall came, and went. Hard to believe it’s behind us, to be honest. Roger Searle, my Production Manager for the event, and I worked on it, on and off, for about a year. Reading all the reactions from many of those who were there, I feel humble and touched. Never in a career close to forty years long, have I felt such a rush, such a warm glow, as I did during that first minute or two, preparing to break open the riff of Hideaway. I thought for a moment of looking around to see who else had strolled onto our stage. It was crazy for a flashing moment, then overwhelming. It’s been a plan for many years, to play those two albums in their entirety, in sequence, but I do credit one or two band members and at least one fan’s Forum note from a couple of years ago for the encouragement to actually get on and do it.

We paid the deposit on the hall rental last December. On the day the tickets went on sale, on that February morning, computers crashing all over the world, we knew we were ok in business terms within an hour. I would have done it, anyway, even at a loss. I am a betting man, though, and I thought we’d get out of trouble, and you guys made certain of that.

Here, now, I am quite lost for words, so this diary entry will end now. You have said it for me, anyway. I spent an hour reading the Forum notes this morning. You really have said it all. I expect I’ll get back to the subject in time, but for now, to all who got there, and gave us that amazing memory, and to those who couldn’t be there but sent their good thoughts and kind words, just… thank you.

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