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DIARY 14/04/12

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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

A few observations and notes:
I think they might all live to over a hundred down here, since they all say "no worries" or "no probs" to every request or need. They seem pretty laid back here.
The sun has been shining for me. They say it's unusual, in this their autumn. Yesterday and today: 25C (78F?). Sat and read form around the swimming pool on this, my one and only free day.

Busy schedule, I'm happy to say. Feel wanted, which is always a bonus when you visit a country, a place, a market-place for the first time after 39 years.

Joe Matera is looking after me and playing with me on Live sessions for radio.

Yesterday was Joe's birthday. He and I and Mrs Matera had Italian dinner (he's a Matera, it had to be Italian).

I sneaked a word with the maitre d' and got a little cake with ice-cream and a candle delivered in lieu of ordering dessert. The birthday boy was bemused, amused and happy. Good feelings all round.

Big Dave is winding you up. Ana, don't fret. No concert hall stands for noisy punters anyway. It doesn't happen. Trust me, "Big Dave" is teasing. Aren't you "Big Dave"? It's not The Robin he's bought his tickets for, and he, and we all, know it.

The Larteys will be with Barry and me at the Shepherds Bush Marc Bolan commemorative concert. They will sound fabulous with us on Marc's Lofty Skies. I love that song. We will have 1800 people join us on the vamp ("Oh, this time of love moves me - o yea"). I hope I can move the place, and put my deep respect for the wee man to rest, publicly. I don't plan to be part of any further Marc events or TV documentaries. Feel like I will have done it all by September 15th. He was my friend; I don't want to look like I'm taking advantage. Not my way.

My hotel window looks down and into the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This enormous stadium holds close to 100,000, and last night 90,000 turned up for a local footie derby. That's Aussie Rules Football, not soccer. Strange game...enormous here. That ground is home to both sports. And today (Saturday) another match in daylight, and another 65,000 to see two other local teams.

Have taken an interest in three runners in today's Grand National (off at 01:15 my time - but I will stay up and watch the replay on my laptop ten minutues after it's finshed):Seabass - its jockette could become the first woman rider to win the race; Giles Cross and On Its Own.

Jimbo has had his 15 minutes of fame down under. And well-deserved it was, too. How strange for me, that interview, that conversation!

Two bottles of a fine Claret arrived today, a gift from Wendy who interviewed me yesterday for Wrokdown, an internet, Global show. I haven't a clue how to locate it, and maybe nor do you.

Jimbo, are you listening?

We will design a one-off, "I Was There" T-shirt for November 24th.

And a commemorative programme with lots of photos.

Still fancy running our first National press add with Sold Out strapped across it. I hear there are just 150+ seats to sell. What a buzz. Thanks for your support on that one.

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