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DIARY 01/01/10

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Somebody hacked into Van Morrison’s website and uploaded a story announcing the birth of George Ivan Morrison 111, the mother allegedly one Gigi Lee. All a fraud, of course. But 64 ain’t exactly past it, so the possibility did exist that the story, at least until officially denied, could have the ring of truth about it. The cynic in me stirs: maybe Van has a new record out? Damn it – never!

How I’d love some national newspaper headlines a month before my new album is released. But showbiz stinks when it mucks with the public’s credibility, and I would not allow false stories to be placed. Neither would Van, I’m certain. And, besides, the real Mrs Morrison, Michelle, is a sweet and kind woman to my limited knowledge (met her at a festival a few years ago), so let’s hope she didn’t faint when she first got wind of the hacker’s malicious trick.

So, Van’s Jan has started with a bang. My own new year starts with considerable optimism. New agent, new CD of nine new songs and a cover, record companies lined up for talks with my rep, A PR man employed from today, a cool UK tour when we’ll place plenty of songs suggested on the Forum into the Live set, and both my kids are in work.

A flock of Fieldfares continues to live off our fallen apples, and a pair of song thrushes, rarer and rarer, have been picking at the lawn today. Once I’ve got the running-order properly sorted for this CD, I’ll feel free to sigh that sigh of relief we all sigh once a major project finally concludes. Happy New Year.

PS I have a problem with the TV news people who last night celebrated a “new decade”. Shouldn’t they be waiting until same time end of this year, when a ten-year block, a decade, will actually conclude? I think the reporters’ masters knew, and they will celebrate a “new decade” again next New Year’s Eve, milking the catch-phrase. Now that’s cynical.

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