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DIARY 08/12/09

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My dear mate Drew McAdam suggests I concentrate my next tour of research in Helmand Province or somewhere equally perilous, as then the tax inspector couldn’t possibly deduce that I was on holiday. Drew is not a man without wit and wisdom, so he must be taken seriously.  On second thoughts.......

Back to the studio for another week, to sing recently written lyrics, record the album’s last track (a cover, but which one?), record backing-vocals, and then try out a few running orders. Always found that the hardest part (not really, writing it is the hardest part by a very long chalk), the structuring a running-order for a new collection. Maybe we’ll throw them all into a virtual mixing bowl, stir them up and see how things turn out. Nick Brine, my engineer, will know how to get his computerised digi-boxes to cook up a list or three.

Good to be planning it all so far in advance this time. Felt rushed in 2005. Tour tickets are on sale six months or more ahead of dates; artwork in the final furlong. Mike Callow and Mark Aarlsen have little or no trouble interpreting my concepts. Hoping to have the cover feature in the next national newspaper ads. Got to plug that baby!

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