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DIARY 26/10/09

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We cover a lot of miles in this big country. Travelling is tiring. Get enough sleep at night, but still constantly weary. Come alive, as ever, once the light hits and the kick drum thumps time in my in-ear monitors.

Off and away once more. And each night, who knows, nobody knows where it'll go. One thing seems assured, the new songs will be accepted with respect. No Bleeding Hearts (Zama, Zama) plays to silence then sustained applause which is the most gratifying response a writer can wish for. The song may seem mysterious on first listen, but I'm quietly hoping that those who have now heard it twice, some even three times on this tour, will have started to form some interpretation. Don't ask me. I don't think I'll read at my dad's far-off funeral (he'll live to 100+ is my reckoning). Just ask them to play the second new song we're playing Live, This Old Man (No Ordinary Hero). Some nights the guys arround me are astounding. Robbie pulled off a fierce break on Star For A Week last night, and Barry is never far from magnificent as he threads his improvisation through the sustained ending of The Lighthouse. They cheered him last night. They cheer him most nights. He touches people. I like that. Lincoln steps out and blasts a bass solo occasionally, but either way we are in very safe hands there. James now owns the Sebastian vamp and the Sling It 5/4. He lives inside the keyboard as he explores its length and depth. Stuart is always making moves I don't expect. There will always be surprises from this wonderful character, my friend Stuart. Musicians play as they are in life. Their personalities reflect almost mirror-like in their playing. I'll leave it there, I think. I like decent, even-tempered people around me. Reputations can be wrecked by one careless slip or tantrum. No petulance around here. Our immediate crew, Shop, Matty and Andy are all top guys, taking it all with grace and patience. Different local crews to deal with each day. Differing attitudes, of course, but my own crew seem to adapt professionally with ease and I respect them for that.

Last night, Essen, sold out, packed. Tonight, Bonn, sold out. Last show tomorrow, Ashaffenburg, Frankfurt, close to sold out and surely will be. Gratifying. One poor gate, Ludwigsburg, is all we've had to endure. Must get back here, a few of the same cities, several others next summer with the new album. Hoping for Holland dates, and Belgium, Denmark, Norway, too, and into as many territories as Danny Bowes, my new agent at The Agency, can muster.

New website may be launched within a couple of weeks. Obviously, I am closely involved and being on the road makes it difficult. We're close, though. And 9 tracks are recorded, almost finished. Art work already developing....even though I haven't actually decided on the album's title. Stranger Comes To Town. No Bleeding Hearts. Guida. Zama, Zama.

Got to start somewhere.


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